Wednesday, March 26, 2008


It's late, so I'll keep this short:

After many sleepless nights, Katie and I are finally free of the House of Burning Out and have finished out move to the Peninsula. The situation we've left with our former landlord still leaves me uneasy, but I can already feel the stress transferring to healthier (or at least more manageable) regions.

The move isn't helping my incessant lack of focus. My first major deadline at TGR is coming up this Friday, when we plan to unveil the "Behind the Games" section of the publication; I'm designing the new page, as well as adding a new window to the main page. That leaves me two days to test the stuff and get it ready for implementation on Friday, and while my gut says it shouldn't take more than a few solid hours to get it working properly and ready for traffic, my memory reminds me of how I tend to under- (and over-) estimate the difficulty of projects.

It also doesn't help that my office has been reduced in size and brought down onto the floor of our new room. I can't find a viable comfort position, and while I continually shift my long legs around looking for one, my mind seems to prefer aimless Intarweb exploration to real work. Maybe that tea Katie suggested will get it under control a bit more. Or maybe I just need to stop making excuses and get to work.

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